The regular meeting of the Board of the Town of Arland was called to order at 7:30 PM on August 8, 2016, by Chairman, Maynard Hof.  All board members were present.  Clerk fall presented the minutes of the previous meeting. Motion to approve by Wolf, second by Nelson.  Motion carried.  Treasurer’s update was presented, showing a balance of $536,861.84.  Motion to accept by hoff, second by Wolf.  Motion carried.

Highway maintenance report by Phil Hoff was presented.  He gave updates on crack sealing.  He discussed other general road repairs and conversation with County Rep, Russ Marske.  Motion by Nelson, second by Wolf to authorize wedging on 12h St – from 6 to 6 1/2 Ave.  Motion also included 8 loads to spot wedge.  Motion carried.  Discussion on replacement of the sewer tanks.  Phil will contact Wirth Brothers, authorizing a 200 gal tank.

Craig Moriak was present to offer his interest in the vacant Building Inspector position for the Town of Arland which was formerly held by Lee Fochs.  Craig gave his background and experience.  Board had met previously with Jim Heldstab.  Each had presented their qualifications.  This position is not a paid position by the Town of Arland.  After lengthy discussion, a motion was made by Wolf, second by Nelson to offer the position to James Heldstab from Rice Lake.  Motion carried.  Clerk will contact Mr. Heldstab to confirm and request a contract be drawn up and signed at the next regular meeting of the Town Board.

Sharon Masek gave an update on work being completed at the Superior Silica Sands mines and their other products.  She noted that SSS may have to reactivate the Arland Dry Plant temporarily while work was being done at the Clinton Plant.

Air conditioning bids were presented for the Town Hall.  Wohlk Heating and Dirks heating both gave bids.  After discussion, a motion was made by Hoff, second by Wolf to accept the offer from Wohlk for $3,177.00.  Brad will inform Mr Wohlk so work may be completed.

There was o public comment given.

bills were presented for payment.  Motion to approve all by Wolf, second by hoff.  Motion carried.

Next meeting is set for Monday, September 12, 2016 at 7:30 PM.

Motion to adjourn by Wolf, second by Hoff.  Motion carried.

Pamela Y Fall, Clerk

(Minutes subject to approval)