The regular meeting of the Board of the Town of Arland was called to order by Chairman Maynard Hoff on Monday, March 8, 2010 at 8 PM.  All board members were present, along with Vic Keller and five other residents. 

Clerk Fall presented the minutes of the February meeting.  Motion by Degerman, second by Nelson to approve.  Motion carried.  Treasurer Nelson presented a financial update, noting our balance and the value of CDs and due dates.  Motion by Nelson, second by Hoff to approve.  Motion carried.

Clerk Fall presented the TRIP award letter from the Wisconsin DOT.  The approved amount for 2010 is $16,517.44.  The approved project is .46 mile on 12th Street, going north from 11th Avenue.  Discussion followed.  Motion by Hoff, second by Degerman to authorize Clerk Fall to place block ads in the newspaper for two weeks to request bids for this project.  Bids will be opened at the April 13th meeting.  Motion carried.

Keller presented information on crack sealing for the Town of Arland.  Discussion followed.  Chairman Hoff will secure information from Barron County and Bergmans.  He will present this information at the next meeting.  The board discussed road bans for 2010.  The Town of Arland will follow the requirements and dates established by Barron County for bans by Mar. 15th. 

The annual meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 8:15, immediately following the regular meeting at 8 PM at the Maynard Hoff home. 

Clerk Fall reminded that the spring election will be April 6, 2010 with polls opening at 7:00 AM.  Board discussed the need to have three or five election officials.  Motion by Nelson, second by Degerman to authorize three election officials for the 2010 spring election.  Motion approved.

Mike Harvey noted that the Town of Howard was holding a special meeting regarding sand mining and any proposed changes to their ordinance.  He will get information and present at the next meeting.

Upcoming meetings were noted – fire board meeting on March 25th, and Dallas Ambulance meeting in April (date to be determined).  The next board meeting will be held at the Maynard Hoff residence – 990 7-1/2 Ave., Barron, WI.

Board reviewed the bills.  Motion by Hoff, second by Nelson to pay.  Motion carried.  Contracts with Dallas and Barron ambulance were approved and signed.  Meeting was adjourned.

Pamela Y. Fall, Clerk

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