The special meeting of the Board of the Town of Arland was called to order on Monday, September 23, 2013 at 7:30 PM with all board members present.

The purpose of the special meeting was to hold the annual review of employee Jason Bruder – Town of Arland Patrol Operator.

It was the intent of the Board to go into closed session, however Atty. Brian Nodolf, representing Mr. Bruder, requested that his client be allowed to waive his right for closed session and remain in open session for the meeting.  After discussion and consideration of this request, the meeting continued in open session.

The current employment contract was presented by Clerk Fall.  Salary and benefits were discussed.  A comparable listing of salary and benefits from surrounding townships was presented.  While this showed a variety of packages, it allowed discussion and recommendations for Mr. Bruder’s review for the 2014 contract.  Board members had a consensus that the salary should not be adjusted, based on the survey of surrounding townships.  All other benefits were reviewed.  The discussion on insurance did not reach consensus, as Mr. Bruder was interested in looking at changing to a family plan.  More information will be needed before a decision on that benefit can be made.  Jason and Maynard were asked to secure options for the next regular meeting for discussion and consideration.

Atty. Nodolf suggested that his client – Jason Bruder, has concerns about damaging claims against his character.  Specific issues noted were; a camera placed to record activity around the town shop, and allegations regarding the collection and sale of scrap metal.  Lengthy discussion followed, which allowed each party to address these concerns and misunderstandings.  Atty. Nodolf suggested since there was no written policy regarding scrap metal collection and sale, that the Town should form one for future use.  Consensus by the board was that it seemed there was confusion on this and they would go forward with such a policy.  Mr. Nodolf also asked that any unfair claims against Mr. Bruder regarding the sale of scrap metal should be cleared with the Barron County Sheriff’s Department as well as Kadinger’s, and that the camera be removed.

The matter of reporting to one member of the Board was discussed.  It was deemed efficient that Mr. Bruder should contact one member each day.  Chairman Hoff will be that contact, unless he is unavailable, in which case Jason should contact Robert Nelson to report on work detail or any problems.  It was also determined that Mr. Bruder could not allow any unauthorized persons to drive equipment without the prior approval of the board.  It was recommended that Mr. Bruder have a specific start time which can be mutually agreed on; i.e. 6:30 AM.  This will give more structure to his employment and ability to contact him.  He will need to be mindful of any emergency work needed and flexibility on that start time.

The Board and those present were able to share their concerns and recommended that an employment contract should be drafted and considered at the next regular meeting.

With no further discussion, a motion was made to adjourn by Nelson, second by Hoff.  Motion carried.

Pamela Y. Fall, Clerk (minutes subject to approval)

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