The regular meeting of the Board of the Town of Arland was called to order by Chairman Maynard Hoff on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 8 PM.  All board members were present, as well as Patrolman Jason Bruder.  Minutes of the November meting were presented by Clerk Fall.  Motion to approve (Degerman / Nelson), motion carried.  Treasurer Nelson gave a financial update. Motion to accept (Nelson / Degerman), motion carried.

Maynard discussed the recent bridge report he had received, noting that the report did not include all bridges in the township.  Discussion followed, noting that some maintenance is required on various bridges: including brush cutting and culvert repair or replacement.  More discussion and planning to take place at future meetings.

Jason gave an update on the tools he had purchased.  Discussion on purchasing sand/salt from Nordby.  Maynard will contact him and determine if it is available and a good option for the Town of Arland.  Jason reported on the class he had taken regarding new signage requirements.  More details will be coming on these requirements, but preliminary dates are 2012 for street signs and 2015 for ground signs.

The board had a lenghty discussion on health insurance provisions for Jason Bruder.  He is still considering various plans.  Motion to authorize up to $400 per month insurance allowance for Jason (Nelson / Degerman), motion carried.

Jodene reported that the town computer needed replacement.  Information has been lost and the service company stated that it may not be possible to recover.  Discussion followed.  Motion to authorize purchase of new computer & printer for approx. $800 (Nelson / Degerman), motion carried.  This needed to be taken care of quickly as tax collection will start soon.

Board noted that the WTA district meeting will be at Cumberland on Februay 12th.

Bills were reviewed.  Motion to approve (Hoff / Nelson), motion carried.  Discussion on request by First Responders of Turtle Lake for a donation.  Motion to approve a donation of $200 (Hoff / Degerman), motion carried.  Next meeting will be Thursday, January 6, 2011.  The Town Caucus will be held at 8 PM, with the regular meeting to follow.  All positions are open for nomination and will be on the spring election ballot.

Motion and second to adjourn.

Pamela Y. Fall, Clerk

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