The regular meeting of the Board of the Town of Arland was called to order by Chairman, Maynard Hoff, with all board members present.

Clerk Fall presented the minutes from the December 2019 meeting, followed by a motion to approve by Robert Nelson, second by Brad Wolf. Motion carried.

Treasurer Jodene Nelson gave a financial update, noting that the 2 CDS had been renewed aw follows;  6 month – $106,380.00 – 12 month – $310,118.71.  She has been receipting tax payments and has transferred the appropriate amounts to the general fund for disbursement to schools and county.  Town share is approximately $29,000 for the December collection. Motion to accept report by Brad Wolf, second by Robert Nelson.  Motion carried.

Enid Jackson was present to discuss the concerns that she and Jeff have had regarding the unkept fencing between their property and Prinsens.  Board discussed responsibilities.  It was detained that members from the board and community should view the fence and determine responsibility for repair.  Board may need legal advice on the matter.  Motion made by Brad Wolf, second by Maynard Hoff to approve a committee view the fence in question.  Motion carried

Phil Hoff gave an update on highway maintenance and equipment.  He noted that he had received the 911 signs and will continue working on them in the Spring.  Many posts will need to be replaced.  Also discussed a very busy month in snow plowing

Sharon Masek gave an update from Superior Silca Sands.  SSS is currently out of bankruptcy.  She is monitoring wells and ground water elevations.  SSS plans to continue hauling sand through the winter, but will not likely do any new mining in 2020.

No public comment was given.

Next meeting was set for Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at 6:30 PM.

Board members will all plan to attend the annual WTA meetings in either Eau Claire or Cumberland,  Clerk Fall will send in their reservations.

2020 Employment contract for Philip Hoff was presented for discussion. Board reviewed his current contract.  Motion was made by Brad Wolf, second by Robert Nelson to offer Philip a pay increase of $.50 per hour ( new rate is $20.50/hr). Motion carried.  All other benefits will remain the same as previous year.

Motion to adjourn by Brad Wolf second by Robert Nelson.  Motion carried.

Pamela Y Fall, Clerk