The annual meeting of the Town of Arland was called to order at 8:30 PM on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at the Maynard Hoff residence (maple syrup shed).  All board members were present along with many other residents.  Clerk Fall presented the minutes of the 2009 Annual Meeting.  Motion by Vicki Bown for approval, second by Robert Nelson.  Motion carried.

The annual report was reviewed.  Clerk Fall pointed out items and answered questions.  After discussion, motion was made by Dale Degerman to approve, second by Vern Nelson.  Motion carried.

Maynard Hoff gave an update on the Almena Fire Department annual meeting.  He noted there had been four calls to the Town of Arland in 2009 with 107 hours.  Uniforms have been purchased.  There will be an annual meeting of the Dallas Ambulance service.  Dues of $500 are due at that time.  Robert Nelson will represent the Town of Arland at that meeting on Wednesday, April 14th.  It was also noted that the Barron County Highway Department will hold their annual meeting on April 22nd at 9 AM.

Mike Harvey gave a brief update on the sand mining, noting that he was still waiting to get a copy and information from the Howard Township on the revised ordinance.  He will continue to update as he gets information.

The matter of rodent smell at the town hall was discussed.  It was noted by Vic Keller that we had previously discussed an air exchanger.  He recommended that this could help the situation greatly.  The consideration of having our pest control rep take a look at the areas where rodents were entering was made.  We will continue this discussion and take action necessary at the next regular meeting.

Positive feedback was given on the current Town of Arland website.  More informaion will be added – including some historical information.

Next annual meeting will be held on the second Tuesday of April in 2011.  Motion by Degerman, second by Jodene Nelson to adjourn.  Motion carried.

Pamela Y. Fall, Clerk

(Minutes subject to approval)

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