The regular meeting of the Board of the Town of Arland was called to order by Chairman, Maynard Hoff at 7:05 PM on Thursday, June 8, 2023 with all board members present.

Clerk Fall presented the minutes of the May 2023 meeting. No discussion. Motion to approve the minutes as presented was made by Chuck Richards, second by Brad Wolf. Motion carried.

Treasurer Nelson presented the financial update. Discussion followed. The current balance in the general checking account was noted as $126,757.93. Motion was made to accept the report as presented by Brad Wolf, second by Chuck Richards. Motion carried.

Phil Hoff gave the highway report. He presented a bid from Barron County for an approximate 1 mile project – that being 7th Street – from Co D to 8th Ave…including cement removal – $172,452.60. Discussion followed. Motion made by Brad Wolf, second by Chuck Richard to approve acceptance of the bid. Motion carried. Phil also discussed purchasing chain hoists and other various equipment needs totaling approximately $700. Motion was made to approve the purchase and authorize Phil to secure the rentals for road maintenance, by Chuck Richards, second by Brad Wolf. Motion carried.

Board approved Remi Hoff to cut lawn again for the Town of Arland. He will not be allowed to do any other road maintenance.

Clerk Fall repaired that there will not be any operations agreement with Blue Diamond Proppants at this time.

Board agreed to rent a backhoe from Brad Wolf at $50./hour.

No public comment

Family House report was presented by Autumn Hoff. She gave a current status update, noting that the project will be going forward as Salvation Army HQ have given the green light. The big building will not be ready until 2024, but may have some housing avail in the small building.

Bills were presented. Discussion followed. Board raised questions regarding the Plunkett bill. Phil is to contact the to get a better understanding on what they have been doing at each visit. Motion made by Brad Wolf to pay all the remaining bills, second by Chuck Richards. Motion carried.

Next meeting was set for Tuesday, July 11, 2023 at 6:00 PM. Clerk will secure the dates foe Open Book and Board of Review with the Assessor.

Clerk informed the Town Board that Mark Servi, Barron County Highway Commissioner had announced his retirement as of August 1, 2023.

Motion was made by Brad Wolf, second by Chuck Richards to adjourn. Motion carried

Pamela Y Fall, Clerk