The regular meeting of the Board of the Town of Arland was called to order by Chairman Maynard Hoff on Thursday, July 08, 2010 at 8 PM.  All board members were present.  Also present:  Vic Keller, Mike Harvey, Brad Wolf.  Minutes of the previous meting were presented by Clerk Fall.  Motion to approve by Degerman, second by Hoff.  Motion carried.  Treasurer Nelson presented a financial update.  Motion to accept report by Degerman, second by Hoff. Motion carried.

Sharon Millerman, candidate for Barron Co. Clerk of Court was present to introduce herself.  Also present, Daria McDonald, candidate for State Assembly.  She also introduced herself and listened to questions presented by the board and others present.

Mike Harvey gave an update on the sand mining ordinance in Howard Township.  The new ordinance is titled the “non-metallic mine operators license ordinance”.  It outlines the licensing application and approval process.  Mike pointed out several areas that he feels should be considered by the Town of Arland for an ordinance, such as hours of operations and safety concerns for residents.  The special committee comprised of Mike Harvey, Maynard Hoff and Stephanie Roberts will meet and consider some of these suggestions.

Vic gave a brief highway maintenance update.  Bills were presented for consideration.  After review, motion was made by Hoff, second by Nelson to approve for payment.  Motion carried.

Persoanl resumes/applications were presented for consideration for the highway maintenance and patrol operator position.  Vic Keller plans to retire on September 1st.  Board reviewed each application.  Five finalists were selected for interviews.  Scheduled interviews will be on Monday, July 12th beginning at 8 PM.  Clerk Fall will contact each to set up the interviews. 

Reminder that the Board of Review is scheduled for Thursday, July 29th from 7 to 9 PM.  Bob Irwin will set another date for Open Book.  Notices will be posted.

Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 09, 2010 at 8 PM.  Motion and second to adjourn.  Motion carried.

Pamela Y. Fall, Clerk 

(Minutes subject to approval)

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